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Gate Valve WEY
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Specification of Gate Valve WEY

Gate Valve SISTAG WEY, from a unique valve design, ensures the reliability of long-term use that is associated with joint action of various factors during the closing phase.

tight shut-off with the sealing function on the lateral gate side
gate guide at full stroke length
The gate is like a knife that cuts the leftovers
enlarged rinsing angle prevents congestion during closure
Transverse seals remove the filling box ensuring there are no leaks into the atmosphere
Reduced chest area prevents solid buildup / disturbance
by tightening the packing screws without shutting down the system provides cost savings in maintenance.
Penstocks are designed for DIN 19569-4, with frames to be installed on concrete channel walls or wall mounting.

Welded construction
stainless steel frame
setting two lipseals with a scraper in front of the transversal seal

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